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Pectine is gained out of citrus fruits and is a gelling agent. It gives the products a soft structure with a sweet and fruitly taste.

  • Sortment with several tastes and colours.
  • Fruit sortment with several real paste of fruits without additives of colours or flavours; full of vitamines

  • Vanilla and caramel hearts
  • Yoghurt sweets natural flavoured

Our products are sugar sanded and have :PECTINE confectionery

  • Tender structures
  • 0% fat
  • real sugar = full energy
  • less than 100 calories
  • lots of vitamines
  • healthy and natural ingredients

Also available :
Sugar free, sanded yellies, with a natural sweetener

We can’t show you all our products on this website. If you want to know more, just email us.

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