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Sweets & Candy's chocolate truffles and other specialties are based on THE real Belgian chocolates with a high cocoa % and quality ingredients.

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No dry fillings but smooth fillings that melt away in the mouth. Our liquors fillings are made without flavours but with real liquors and we may use the real liquors-names of the producers on our packings. 


  • Truffles with milk flakes / white flakes or cocoa powder
  • White chocolate truffles with milk flakes / white flakes or cocoa powder
  • Liquor truffles with Grand Marnier / Cointreau / Rhum / Whisky or Amaretto
  • Bullet truffles with different fillings
  • Truffles with nuts
  • Snowball truffles with a light filling
  • Chocolate cups filled with several creams and decorated for several occasions or seasons
  • And much more...

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If you are looking for a tailor made product specially for your company, ask us !

We can’t show you all our products on this website. If you want to know more, just email us.

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