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The company is in existance for over 50 years and is since 1985 in hands of Miss Van de Calseyde Sabine, the managing director.

She is a diplomated and dedicated confectionery and chocolate manufacturer who studied in Belgium and abroad.

company.gif (6738 bytes)Miss Van de Calseyde comes out of a family who were entrepreneurs for over 2 generations, so doing business runs in the blood.

Before 1985 the company she took over only produced fruit slices based on Agar.
Sweets & Candy stands for flexibility, service, quality and stability.

Sweets & Candy can produce any product from marshmallows to hard candies and from chocolate bars to pralines. But the managing director decided to produce a smaller range of products from sugar sanded soft candies to natural paste of fruits to sugar free products. For the chocolate department a 40 sorts of fine chocolate truffles to other specialties.

It is a modern, outillaged company with artistical and artisanal producing ranges well known in Belgium and abroad for the fine confectionery based on Agar and pectines asofar the fine chocolate truffles and other specialties with different tastes and models.

We can produce under

  • Sweets & Candy
  • Brandname
  • Private label

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