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The company started in a cellar, then in a garage which has been expanded. In 1997 it was necessary to build a whole new and modern plant in an industrial zone. The faultless company hygiene and the strict selection of the ingredients go together with a well-controlled production process according the traditional methods (HACCP).

img-ananas.gif (8978 bytes)The excellent quality of the products comes by making use of the best elements. All our exquise specialties are made after original recipes based on daily fresh ingredients and have an original aura and unique wrapping.Sweets and Candy also wants to take advantage of the utilities of its clients and consumers concerning the products, ways of wrapping and number of deliveries.

You simply must have the Sweets & Candy products in your range of products that sell throughout all seasons.

Make more profit with a good product by simply contacting us, we make sure that you have a business relation to build on. For wholesalers, importers, agents, retailers, grocery vending, confectionery or chocolate industries, even if you are a consumer who’d like to know where to buy our products, just e-mail us.

You will always have the privilige to have direct contact with the managing director, so no waiting calls, no recalls but directly answers to your questions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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